About us :

Through our commitment to quality, and development, we are pioneers in the industry in the manufacture of packaging machinery and production lines currently export to most Arab countries, Turkey, Africa, in addition to our local market. Unique Crkina outstanding service we provide to our customers after the sale.

About the company

Company was established Shallah in 1993 in the city of Aleppo by Mr. Jamal Shalah was the beginning of the company's production lines of chips, packaging machinery, and has manufacturing lines of potato production of natural and by 2008 became the company's production includes the production of filling machines fluid lines and the production of pasta and noodles and lines of food production and the latest techniques that match the global level and excels in many advantages. The company offers its customers industry keep pace with sophisticated update that is in the field of work and in accordance with the requirements of customers .


Company benefits

Meet the requirements of customers with high quality and competitive prices
Excellent service after sales
Provision of spare parts for high-quality
Ensure for a period of 5 years on all the company's products
And to all those that were sold inside and outside the country
And at the expense of the company if the holidays because of poor manufacturing

Our productes

Corn chips production line
Natural line of potato production
Line frying
Production line of pasta and noodles
Packaging machinery
Mobilization of fluid machines of various kinds
Automatic packaging machines and automatic half (Hernkat)