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Corn chips production line

Main features of ease of operation and strength performance also features the possibility of disassembly and snails without notice Produces multiple forms of forms of the finger, throat and Alzakzak and other ... Panevrtr line provider of electronic speed control snails and the size and length and breadth of product Energy production / 155-180 / kg per hour Spare parts online with a backup electrical motors and European source Possible electrical / 60 / AMP minimum 60kva approximately

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Production line of pasta and noodles

Produces pasta and spaghetti noodles
Alntegeh energy starting from 500-250 kg / hour
European electronic parts source
Czech engines

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Packaging machinery

Operating system volumetric machine is designed to fill all kinds of grain chips, corn, Bouchard, powder detergent Volumetric filling system and the weights are determined by telescopic glasses are the caliber Is determine the width of the envelope by designing a template based on the width of the paper required plc control all the operations are machine by a computer Machine equipped with optical sensors to regulate the entry path to the paper template configuration

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الات التعبئة والتغليف

تعمل بالنظام الحجمي صممت هذه الالة لتعبئة كافة انواع الحبيبات شيبس , ذرة , بوشار , بودرة منظفات
نظام التعبئة حجمي ويتم تحديد الاوزان بواسطة اكواب تلسكوبية قابلة للعيار
يتم تحديد عرض المغلف بواسطة قالب تشكيل يصمم بناء على عرض الورق المطلوب
plc يتم التحكم بجميع عمليات الالة بواسطة جهاز كمبيوتر
الالة مزودة بحساسات ضوئية لتنظيم مسار دخول الورق الى قالب التشكيل


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Industry production lines and natural potato chips
The Popcorn and billet production lines and corn padding
And production lines, pasta and noodles
And packaging machinery
Furnaces and machine

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